Custom Trencher Design & Manufacturing in Dexter, Iowa

Custom Trencher Design & Manufacture

Does your company have a need for a manufacture for a custom product? Let our professionals at our separate design company Mid America Designs handle your needs.

Our mission at Mid-America Trenchers is to provide superior-quality, industrial trenchers that are exceptionally durable and low-maintenance while providing all of the service and technical support. You can save time, labor and simplify the way you do business with our professional, industrial strength trenching products. Not only do we design trenchers, but we'll design custom parts and additions to your existing equipment.

Mid-America Trenchers has been in the custom trencher business for over 20 years, and since it's inception has been designing and creating top-quality commercial strength trenchers and trencher products. We only manufacture with the highest quality raw materials and stand by our product.

Mid-America Trenchers offers a complete range of services from individualized solutions, technical support, custom prototyping, manufacturing, maintenance and repair. The Mid-America team will work together with you to provide trencher options that relate to your specific needs. Utilize our years of industry experience; we will save you time and money with custom products that are time tested.

To learn more about Mid-America Trenchers and our custom design and manufacturing, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email. Phone us at 515-789-2005. You may fax us at 515-789-2040.

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