On-Site Trencher Repair & Service in Dexter, Iowa

Trencher Parts & Service

The team at Mid-America Trenchers has over 20 years of experience in repairing and servicing not only their products, but all ditch drainage and trenching products. Our experience ensures that no matter the age of your equipment we'll be able to repair it. You can rest assured that Mid-America Trenchers stands by it's work and only uses the highest-quality parts for repair.

Since many machines have been modified over the years, when you call or email for parts, please have the model and serial number of your machine. This helps us locate the correct parts for your particular machine.

You can contact us about parts and service:

375 State St.
Dexter, IA 50070

Phone: 515-789-2005
Fax: 515-789-2040
Toll Free: 855-876-3437
Sales Email: sales@buckeyetrenchers.com
Service Email: service@buckeyetrenchers.com

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